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NRBCBSL will provide Non-Resident Bangladeshi's (NRB) the option to subscribe for IPO and trading shares in the secondary market through Commercial Bank Of Ceylon/HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank .



The features of the product will be as follows:

»  NRBs can invest into the Bangladeshi Capital Market from anywhere in the world

»  Custodian Service will be provided by Commercial Bank Of Ceylon/HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank

»  100% repatriation of capital, dividend and investment profits

»  NRBs can apply for IPOs as well as buy and sell shares in the Secondary Market. They can use e-mail, fax or phone to issue trade orders to NRBC Bank Securities Limited


Who are eligible?

All Bangladeshi nationals (Bangladeshi passport holders) who are working/living abroad can open NITA. Foreign passport holders who are originally from Bangladesh are also eligible to open an account.


Required documents - for new customers

The following documents will be required while opening an account:

»  Completed BO account form

»  Completed BO account nominee form

»  Completed Trade account opening form (provided by securities company)

»  Power of Attorney

»  Tripartite Agreement

»  Completed NITA account form

»  Custodian Agreement

»  A certified copy of the valid passport, valid visa

»  Four passport size photographs of the applicant

»  Proof of address (utility bill/bank statement copy etc.)

»  Proof of income (such as last tax return/employment certificate/contract/recent pay slip)

»  Completed application form and duly signed signature card

»  Three copies of passport size photos of the nominee which must be attested on the back by the primary account holder


All the above documents must be in English (if the documents are in other language it has to be translated to English) and also need to be verified and attested by any reputed international bank/Bangladesh High Commission or Consulate General's Office.

If customer provides the Power of attorney (POA) from abroad, POA has to be notarized by Notary Public and then attested by the Bangladesh High Commission or Consulate General's Office.


Fees and Charges

»  Custodian Fee: CDBL will charge BDT450.00 per annum for maintaining BO account.

»  Brokerage Commission: 0.40% per transaction.


Other Charges

»  Respective bank will charge according to their charge schedule for providing custodial, NITA, Trade settlement and other services.


How to Get Started?

In order to avail the Share dealing and custodial services, we will require you to fill out and sign the following:


With NRBC Bank Securities Limited

I. BO Account opening Form - To hold shares that will be purchased

II. BO Account nomination Form - To nominate up to two people to receive any outstanding shares in the event of death.

Commercial Bank Of Ceylon/HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank

III. FC Account opening Form (only if you do not already have one) - To remit foreign currency into your account and enjoy NRB quotas while applying for IPOs.

IV. NITA (Non-Resident Investor's Taka Account) opening Form - To make financial transactions for purchase and sale of shares in the secondary stock market (that is in Dhaka Stock Exchange).

V. Customer Information Form - To conduct actual trading of shares in the share market.

VI. Custodian Agreement - To authorize Commercial Bank Of Ceylon/HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank as the custodian of your shares.

VII. NITA Securities Accounts Services Agreement - To authorize Commercial Bank Of Ceylon/HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank to carry out your share trading orders and settle all transactions that are required to close deals.


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